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Served Only at Night – Desserts Inspired by Japanese Folklore

Daigyo Café is inspired by the Japanese folklore of kitsune and neko. To honor the supernatural qualities of these wise, powerful creatures, the café is launching a limited-time series involving their signature desserts Shizuki Kitsune (紫月狐) and Hatsuki Neko (葉月貓). Much like the honored nocturnal animals, the desserts will only be available at night. They will be served every day after 6pm from July 1st.

Awaken Your Taste Buds with the Flavors of Japan

As a dining establishment serving Japanese desserts, Daigyo Café genuinely values the Japanese pursuit of perfection and dedication to detail. We take product quality seriously, with each ingredient being carefully selected to ensure the great satisfaction to our customers.

Bring Canada Most Authentic Japanese Tea

Most of the raw ingredients in our drinks are organic. Everything is sourced from Japan, ensuring the utmost authenticity.

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Chat with Your Friends Under the Matcha Aroma

Our simple interior design is designed to give our customers a cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy a cup of Japanese tea or dessert.

Boasting superior water quality as well as rich volcanic soil, Shizuoka teas are known for their unbeatable quality. At Daigyo Café, our matcha soft serve and matcha drinks are each made with ceremonial-grade, premium organic matcha from Shizuoka.

Finest Matcha from the Best Growing Region of Shizuoka, Japan

Daigyo Special Tea

Crafted with refreshing notes of yuzu, osmanthus, and grapes, and mixed with our authentic Japanese tea.

Traditional Tea

Take a sip of traditional Japanese tea, made with premier ingredients from Japan.


Shade-grown, micro-ground, handcrafted Japanese tea, served with steamed milk. Perfect zen.

Daigyo Signature Iced

A refreshing blend of your choice of Japanese tea for smoothies. Can also be topped with our signature soft serve float. A soothing swirl of flavourful Japanese tea.

Daigyo House Special

Want something special? From our Affogato to our Yuzu O-Matcha, our house specials are all delicious surprises.


Soft serve is incredibly creamy, smooth, yet rich, with the perfect amount of density.

The Spring of Fuji

Ceremonial grade matcha is best suitable for matcha beginners. Experience the flavors of original, top-quality matcha, including its strong umami and natural sweetness.

The Winter of Fuji

Experience the full beauty of ceremonial grade matcha. Great choice if you want to be creative in creating your own matcha beverage. Full of strong umami and astringency, with the right amount of bitterness, Can be perfectly balanced with cow milk, soy, oat milk, or anything else you would like.

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